About Us


The founder of Dibolai, William, was raised by his mother alone. During his growth, the most impressive thing was his mother’s loving eyes and warm smile. His mother’s love made him grow into a confident, loving, and willing to contribute person. With age, wrinkles slowly climbed onto his mother's face, and the bones became weaker. William vowed to make some efforts for this. He devoted himself to the research of health products, providing family members and all families with worry-free natural nutritional supplements, and keeping more beautiful moments for love.

Small molecule collagen peptides are the main component of our skin, which accounts for more than 70% of skin collagen, and more than 80% of dermis collagen peptide is small molecule collagen. Collagen peptides form a fine elastic mesh in the skin that traps moisture, like a scaffold that supports the skin. The peptide content of human body declines at a rate of 15% every decade. The collagen peptide of human body begins to age and lose at the age of 20, and reaches the peak at the age of 25. At the age of 40, the collagen content of human body is less than half of that of human body at the age of 18. In order to delay aging, it is necessary to supplement exogenous peptides in time.


Let every one whom you and I value be guarded with more love